II kept a pencil, felt pen, brush in my hands as long as I remember myself I spoiled a lot of papers…
When my pencils, felt pens and brushes were used up a computer appeared. By that time School of arts was behind and University was waiting for me
«Design and Advertising Department. When I got a degree of designer I went on my work in the fields of advertising, photography, digital painting using
the knowledge that I’d got at the University. I’ve been working and polishing up my experience in these fields for 10 years already.

Should you be interested, don’t hesitate to contact me!


2017-Free creator, independent brain owner.
2012-2016 Desinger in fmcg agancy «Krilya».
2007-2010-Improved and sharpened skills of illustration, created packaging, advertising photography and retouching.Worked with international clients.
Jule 2007-Design-illustrator «S.I.Group corporation».
2007-Designer, ‘Snack-Export Corporation’.
2006-Designer, ‘Biosphere Corporation’ Worked with different Advertising Agencies of the countryafter graduation from the University.
2004-Graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk National University, got a diploma -Designer,black- and-white artist.
1999-Finished school and entered Dnepropetrovsk National University ,Design and advertising Department.
1998-Attended classes of a well-known Dnepropetrovsk painter Valeriy Sosna (painting and drawing)
1996-Finished School of Art #1 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk.